We have discussed the many benefits of Triton at planting time for a quick, uniform emergence with an explosion of root growth, but this helps prove the benefits go well beyond emergence!

This photo is from a grower in Wood Co. Ohio who used a 9-18-9 row starter on the entire field with half of it having Triton added.  The yield difference between Triton and no Triton had an average 14 bu increase.  The difference on the less productive ground was as high as 22 bu better and 7 bu better on the more productive ground. Triton was the only thing done differently on this field.

Triton is a fertilizer additive that is formulated with several complimentary unique technologies that include beneficial biologicals, micronutrients, PGR’s, stress relievers and urea phosphite.  Triton’s components are successful in delivering more uniform germination, improved nutrient use efficiency and stress-tolerance that greatly benefits emerging seedlings and maturing plants throughout the season!

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