Adjuvants and Tank Buffers


Innovative products that maximize spray performance.



ArgosyTM RF is a water soluble, environmentally safe polymer matrix composed of inert ingredients. Argosy RF encapsulates the active ingredient in a pesticide keeping it on the target leaf even through rain events and irrigation. When tank mixed, Argosy RF enhances wetting, adhesion, and facilitates uniform foliar distribution of the pesticide. This increases the effect and the longevity of the products being applied. Argosy allows for longer application intervals, improved pesticide use efficiency, redistribution of active ingredients when moistened, reduction of runoff, and is elastic which give it the ability to cover new growth.



Nutrol, a true tank buffer, can acidify and maintain the pH of tank solutions as well as prevent the breakdown of other chemicals through alkaline hydrolysis.  Nutrol is also a biopesticide effective against powdery mildew and a highly concentrated water soluble fertilizer.