Bio-Stimulants & Plant Hormones


Products that stimulate growth, vigor and healthy plants.



Incite foliar treatment is a blend of bio-stimulants containing naturally-occurring and synthetic plant growth regulators and plant hormones that boost healthy, sustained growth on your crops.



Agra-Rouse is a blend of bio-stimulants containing naturally-occuring and synthetic plant growth regulators and plant hormones known to enhance plant yields, promote cell division and encourage root development and propagation. They work with the plant’s own natural physiology to stimulate growth, vigor and health.


KaPre PhoNix

KaPre™ Phonix is a chemical compound that stabilizes the plant, balances nutritional uptake and helps build tolerance against environmental stresses and physical and mechanical injury. KaPre Phonix contains compounds that increase intracellular carbon dioxide and is supplemented with specific nutrients — methanol metabolites and amino acids — proven to enhance yields. It gives plants a boost by inhibiting photorespiration allowing the plants to retain more captured sunlight energy. This improved productivity, in part, results from inhibition of stress, enhanced fixation of carbon dioxide, and increased plant turgor.


Kelpene® applications have been shown to support plant health, improve nutrient uptake, encourage robust root development and increase yields. Plants become more resilient and adaptive to periods of environmental stress, such as high heat, intense sunlight, shade, unexpected cold, drought, salinity, anaerobic conditions and water stress, etc.