Humics and Soil Innoculants


Humic substances play a vital role in soil fertility and plant nutrition. Plants grown on soils which contain adequate humin, humic acid, and fulvic acid are less subject to stress, are healthier, produce higher yields; and the nutritional quality of harvested foods and feeds are superior. The value of humic substances in soil fertility and plant nutrition relates to the many functions these complex organic compounds perform as a part of the life cycle on earth.  Humic substances are recognized by most soil scientists and agronomists as the most important component of a healthy fertile soil.  Fulvic acid added to fertilizers readily bond to the minerals and are then in the ideal form to enter plant roots and foliage.


KaPre ExAlt

KaPre ExAlt is a polyelectrolyte solution that improves the availability of nutrients in the soil and enhances the performance of fertilizer applications. It corrects compacted soils and eliminates “crusting,” making it easier for newly germinated seeds to pop through the soil. KaPre® ExAlt flushes sodium from the soil profile while keeping needed micronutrients in the root zone and provides a natural, eco-safe solution for the long-term health of the soil.


KaPre Spectra

KaPre Spectra is a concentrated fulvic acid blend of carbon and humic acids that is engineered to improve fertilizer absorption and bio-availability to increase the uptake of nutrients and micronutrients.



Is a soil inoculant derived from patented yeast with microbial activators.  It is delivered on an easy to apply, dust-free, environmentally friendly granular humate.  NS promotes beneficial microbial populations in the soil that work together to convert soil bound P and K into plant usable minerals.  The humate portion of NS will help to increase nutrient holding capacity while acting as a natual food source to existing populations of microbes.  NS takes the resources found in the soil and atmosphere and converts them into useable, available plant nutrition.

Soil MD

Soil MD contains billions of nitrogen-fixing and beneficial bacteria to support a healthy ecosystem ideal for plant production.