Organic Offerings


Our exceptional formulation uses an organic form of NutriAg’s natural plant-derived carbohydrate technology to deliver highly effective, essential crop nutrition.

Micro & Macronutrients

The Enviro™ Line by Nutri Ag is a range of organic macro and micronutrient fertilizers for use in organic production. The Enviro Line uses unique EAC™ technology to deliver effective crop nutrition. The natural plant carbohydrates in EAC technology chelate nutrients to deliver nutrition that is easily taken up and utilized by crops.

NutriSmart B

NutriSmart®-B is a patented, environmentally friendly granular soil inoculant and humate soil amendment that fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere, solubilizes phosphate and unlocks potassium and silica from the soil.


Unique, organic broad spectrum non-selective natural systemic herbicide made from Eugenol and molasses. WEED SLAYER can be used to control grass and weeds. Results are normally seen in less than a week but can take up to 10 to 14 days for full results to be seen. It does not cause toxicity; hence you can plant quickly after application.


Biological amendment containing soil enhancing bacteria for all crops. AGRO GOLD contains 9 strains of synergistically selected microorganisms of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). The microbial diversity of AGRO GOLD allows for enhanced organic mineralization and plant nutrient uptakes like phosphorus and nitrogen.  AGRO GOLD contributes to the production of auxins, numerous metabolites, enzymes, and elicitors.


THYME GUARD is a 100% biodegradable broad spectrum contact and systemic liquid organic bactericide, fungicide, and insecticide for use in all crops, food, and nonfood. Its molecular structure makes it efficient, striking the cellular membrane of bacterium, fungus, and virus without generating resistance and has a residual effect up to 20 days. THYME GUARD has proven its high efficacy against diseases like Botrytis, Fusarium, Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, Citrus Canker, Citrus Greening-HLB, Fire Blight, and many others. THYME GUARD also has insecticidal effects on sucking insects like, psyllids, spider mites, scales, and whitefly.