Innova’s high performance line of nutritionals, micronutrients, adjuvants, fertilizer additives, and specialty fertilizers help our customers increase their yields and maximize their return on investment with products that outperform our competitors.

Innova strives to provide consistent, easy to use, environmentally responsible products that drive soil health and aid in the production of healthier crops with higher yields.

Learn more about our complete line of Innova Performance Products below.


Row Starters & Fertilizer Additives

Get your crop off to a better start, with uniform emergence, vigorous early root system and increased nutrient uptake. Learn more about our Row Starters & Fertilizer Additives.


Foliar Nutritionals

Our foliar products give growing plants what they need to be healthy and productive during critical developmental stages. Learn more about our Foliar Nutritionals.


Bio-Stimulants & Plant Hormones

Products that stimulate growth, vigor and healthy plants. Learn more about our Bio-Stimulants & Plant Hormones.

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Environmentally friendly, patented chelated micronutrients formulated with biodegradable Baypure®. Learn more about our Micronutrients.


Humics and Soil Innoculants

Humic substances play a vital role in soil fertility and plant nutrition. Learn more about our Humates, Humics and Soil Innoculants.


Specialty Fertilizers

Enhanced fertilizer products that are formulated for more efficiency, better performance and ease of handling. Learn more about our Specialty Fertilizers.


Adjuvants and Tank Buffers

Innovative products that maximize spray performance. Learn more about our Adjuvants.


Seed Treatments

Microbe based seed treatments that protect germinating seedlings and nourishes plants throughout the growing season. Learn more about our Seed Treatments.