Row Starters & Fertilizer Additives


A better start makes for a better finish. Our high quality products are the first step to protecting your seed investment and getting your crop off to a better start with uniform emergence, vigorous early root system and increased nutrient uptake.


Innova 6-24-6 • Innova 8-19-3 • Innova 5-13-8 • Innova 3-18-18

Innova Row Starters – Innova™ row starters can be made as 100% ortho or as 80%-20% ortho-poly. They are low salt in-furrow fertilizers made with a mono-potassium phosphate base.  MKP is a highly efficient source of phosphorus and potassium and is free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants.


Triton – Fertilizer Additive

Complete your starter fertilizer program and enhance soil health with Triton™ – a patented fertilizer solution with a history of exceptional performance. Triton delivers powerful components critical for successful germination, improved nutrient use efficiency and stress-tolerance while improving soil composition, porosity and structure.


ChixMix – Starter Fertilizer Nutrition

Complete your starter fertilizer program and enhance your soil health with ChixMix™. ChixMix™ is a ready-to-use row starter additive formulated with several innovative technologies that complement your chicken litter fertility program. When used at the recommended rates, ChixMix™ delivers powerful components that enhance germination, improve nutrient efficiency and promote better root growth, all while improving soil composition, porosity and structure.


Krystal Klear Crop Mix II

4% Zn, 1% Mn, 0.5% Cu, 0.25% Fe and 0.1% B
Krystal Klear® Crop Mix patented chelated micronutrient solution is designed for use on corn, soybeans, wheat, vegetables and tree/vine crops. Delivers high concentration of zinc plus supplemental levels of copper, manganese, iron and boron.


KaPre® AG – Fertilizer Additive

KaPre® AG is rich in organic substances and an array of beneficial microorganisms. KaPre AG is formulated specifically to enhance nutrient uptake while helping to establish and nourish dense populations of beneficial microbes. As a fertilizer additive it will increase the efficiency of existing fertilizers and promote overall plant health and higher yields.


KaPre® Embella

KaPre® Embella promotes beneficial microbial activity. It feeds the microbes that enhance the breakdown of nutrients to make them more available to the plant. KaPre® Embella increases the water holding capacity of the soil, which decreases watering requirements. KaPre® Embella grabs moisture, along with some negatively charged nutrients, and attaches them to soil particles. This allows for slower release and helps prevent groundwater and downstream contamination.



Agra-Rouse is a blend of bio-stimulants containing naturally-occuring and synthetic plant growth regulators and plant hormones known to enhance plant yields, promote cell division and encourage root development and propagation. They work with the plant’s own natural physiology to stimulate growth, vigor and health.

N-tro & N-tro 250

Anything that happens to the seed once it is out of the bag can reduce yield potential. Utilizing a high quality, in-furrow starter is the first step to protecting your seed investment and yield potential with faster more uniform emergence, establishing a vigorous early root system, and increasing nutrient uptake.

N-tro NX2 & N-tro PX2

Available early season nutrition is critical in maximizing yield potential. A premium 2×2 row starter is an ideal way to deliver a balanced, plant available blend of nutrients to quickly build a vigorous root system, allowing the plant to capture late season soil nutrients during peak demand stages.

N-tro SB

Soybeans benefit from n-tro SB because it aids in germination and promotes rapid root development and growth while supplying an efficient source of nutrients.